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Ducati Tours to Exhibit at the Auto Italia Brooklands Festival - 5 May 2007 
For lovers of Italian cars and motorbikes, the Auto Italia Brooklands Spring festival has something for everyone.

From Auto Italia Magazine

Saturday 5th May 2007
New this year! Savour the action at the new Mercedes World handling circuit. Confirmation of details later. Historic Brooklands Test Hill is one of the few places in the UK where you can see and hear exotic cars in action at close quarters. Enjoy the roar of a classic Ferrari V12 or high revving Abarth as the cars prepare for the short 1 in 4 sprint. The combination of car demonstrations, club displays, aviation (including Concorde) and motoring exhibitions and the Italian trade village makes this a great family day out. Special this year. 50th anniversary of Fiat 500.

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Casy Stoner wins in Qatar 
Congratulations to Casey Stoner for a first win of the Season. Lets hope Loris has a bit more luck ad we can have a 1-2 at all remaining races!

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World Ducati Week tours 
WDW tour places are running out! Book early and don't be dissappointed!

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Tours for beginners! 
You need to know how to ride the bikes but if you haven't done any foreign touring before these trips will be the perfect (and relaxed) introduction. 4 Night trips in Tuscany and Sicily with our guides available to answer any question

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Winter Riding Centre tour added to calendar 
A chance to get away from the winter misery and rain of home and get a little back road scratching in where its still warm. 10 night trips in Sicily on our 749 Superbikes could be just the tonic for removing the winter blues.

Click the link below for more details.

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