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Multistrada 1200S - If you own a GS, KTM, V-Strom or Varadeo.......don't try this bike 

Our new Multistrada has arrived and a small blast around the countryside has been performed - all in the interests of science!

So what is it like?
As the title hints, this is a very impressive bike! The engine has loads of low end and middle range power (the top end is still out of bounds as we are running-in), the suspension works extremely well, the brakes are powerful and the seat is comfortable.

Compared to a GS.......think of a GS with proper suspension, some power, put some properly grippy tyres on and make it look like something other than an industrial accident and you get close to a Multistrada 1200!

Any gripes?

The ABS cuts in too early on dry roads, worryingly so when riding it like a 1198S......perhaps not the intended method of riding for a bike like this, but unlike its 'competition' a way of riding that is easy to do. And the centrestand touches down on left handers a little too easily.

The electronics?
It took a minute or two to figure the configuration controls out but (at least when brand new) it all works really well. The difference between "150 High" and "150 Low" power settings don't seem particularly noticeable, and the soft "100 hp" option still lifts the front wheel off the throttle in first.....

How is it compared to the old Multistrada?
Improved in every sense. It looks better, its more comfortable, the engine is much more powerful and the brakes (without ABS) work better. It is an inch or so higher in the saddle (a little too tall for me in fact) and there is the issue with the centrestand - but at least it has one!

As I say above, if you own a GS or similar and don't want to feel like you have bought a turkey........don't ride this bike!

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Fleet Update - Ride through World Superbike History 

Come and ride the bikes that ARE the story of Ducati's domination of the World Superbike Championship

For 2010 we are able to offer a collection of bikes that span the last 20 years of milestone sport bikes from Borgo Panigale. In a week you can sample the rare & raw 888 SP5 from 1993, the mid 90s 900 Supersport, the pinnacle of the 916/996/998 range - an immaculate 996SPS, the Avante Garde 999S, the mighty 1098S, 1198S and the road equivalent of Troy Bayliss' winning 1098R

Come ride in the wheel tracks of Roche, Polen, Fogarty, Corser, Hodgson, Toseland & Bayliss!

This is the only place in the world you can do this!!!

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New tour of Sicily Itinerary added to calendar 

We have added a new itinerary in conjunction with JP Bari (formerly Dynamic Ducati Driving) and with support from Desmo Rosso, the wine for the discerning Ducatisti, to end the season with a bang down in Sicily. Come and sample the tastes, sights, history and amazing riding this famous island has to offer!

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Dynamic Ducati Driving ceases to run tours! 
For 2010 Paolo Bari of Dynamic Ducati Driving has decided to stop his tour business with Ducati. Paolo has asked us to take over his clients, which we are more than happy to do. If anyone had been interested in the DDD tours, please contact Joe with you requirements and he will find the tour that best suits your needs.

Apart from stopping his tours, Paolo will be collaborating with us on some new itineraries and incentives to make sure we can deliver the best Ducati riding products to you.

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Ducatitours Newsletter - January 2010 

Ducatitours/REDBIKE Tours Newsletter - 18 January 2010

To start with, a belated "Happy New Year" to everyone!

2010 is bringing some changes with it - so please read on.

To start we would like to introduce a new operating name/domain, REDBIKE Tours (www.redbiketours.com). As the above banner shows, we have decided to modify our operating name to REDBIKE Tours but we have not modified what we do!

We are still the original and best Ducatitours company, we still have the worlds biggest and most exclusive fleet dedicated to Ducati motorcycles, and of course our service, trips in general and the riding experience we offer is the same. In fact we are introducing some additional options to make the service and experience even better than ever before! (see below for details!) Why are we changing the name? We have been using the Ducatitours name with permission from Ducati for the last few years but they have asked us to release the domain so that they can offer a centralised database of Ducati tours (which will of course be predominantly our tours!)

The www.ducatitours.com domain and ducatitours.com email addresses will still work for the next 6 months but please do change your address book contacts to redbiketours.com. The format remains the same so, for example, joe_c@ducatitours.com will become joe_c@redbiketours.com

2010 is starting stronger than 2009 (is the world situation improving?) and we can already say that places for the Italian MotoGP trip are getting scarce. We are practically sold out of bikes in md May too! The World Ducati Week is being run in early June and that trip is expecting a sell out soon!

We are thinking of offering two different itineraries to the WDW. The first (as on the site here) will spend a few days in Tuscany before moving to Misano for the WDW, the second trip would be a more rider oriented route up to the Dolomites and then to the WDW. If you are interested in the Dolomite option please email us.

So, in general, if you are are thinking of coming to Italy around May and June, email us soon!

Itinerary roundup:
In 2009 we added new itineraries of the Alps & Monte Carlo and Northern Italy Adventure. Both of these itineraries worked extremely well and so are back in the schedule for 2010. The Alps & Monte Carlo trip offers an incredible mix of landscapes and an unparalleled riding experience so the itinerary is being repeated exactly as before. Although classed as a 'tour' on our scale of tours, events and experiences, the riding days on this trip are longer than some and so the trip does take more energy than, for example our Tuscan weeks.

The Northern Italian Adventure is being modified slightly due to feedback from the group as one of the hotels was too good to only use for one night! Therefore the first 'rest' day is being moved by a day to make the first double night stay in Bormio giving people the choice of riding into Switzerland for a day or having a day luxuriating in the Spa facilities of the Nuovi Bagni hotel. The second rest day in 2009 was held in Venice which, while interesting, seemed to be too far from the motorcycles for some, so we have altered the route from Bormio, into the heart of the Dolomites at Val Gardena, an overnight stop there, before a descent to Bologna where the second rest day will be held. To see full details, please click here

Our always popular itineraries of the Tuscan 7 night, Chianti 5 night and 4 night weekend trips are of course still in the schedule.

We are also offering the double option of a week trip or a 4 night weekend trip to the San Marino superbikes race in 2010. Currently we only have a week option for the Imola superbikes round, but when/if the event is confirmed we may add a weekend trip to the schedule for that too.

Superbike weekend: 4 night weekend trip for people wanting to come and ride for a two or three days and watch the race. The price has been set as low as possible while still including use of the bikes, grandstand tickets at the race and the same level of luxury and service you get with all of our trips. The price for the weekend trip is 2195 for riders and 595 for passengers. Full details of the itinerary can be seen here

Fleet update
The fleet remain much as 2009 but we have added a couple of Hypermotard 1100s to the list plus a Monster S4RS. This is in response to the bookings we have had in 2009 with the Hypermotard clocking up more miles than any other model. In many ways it does offer the best mix of abilities for the type of riding we have here.

For rental clients we can still offer set of Ducati panniers for the Multistrada, a Garmin Zumo 550 GPS navigation system (which can be connected to any bike) and Ventura bike packs for the Monster 1100 and Monster 696 (we also have these available for 848 and 1098S - if you really want!) and of course full luggage for the ST3. The ST3 now also sports a set of heated grips and a set of Ducati Performance exhausts. To add to the 'touring' options, the GT1000 now has a set of leather panniers to complement its all round abilities.

How about a family holiday in Italy with a Ducati at your disposal

After last years lauch of 'family Ducati holidays'. For 2010 we have structured the offer a little more. On the basis that there is a large number of riders out there who can't take a week holiday in the summer without their family, we offer a solution to keep everyone happy!

The Tuscan Ducati Holiday is planned for two weeks in August starting on either 14th or 21st of August. The week includes:

* Transfer from Pisa or Florence airports to the hotel in the heart of the Chianti region

* 7 Nights of 4 star accommodation for up to 3 people in one family room or a 4 person family in a double and a twin room (rooms have basic cooking facilities so you don't need to go out everynight!). The hotel provides breakfast, has a glorious pool and can organise optional extras such as massage, lunches etc

* Access to a choice of Ducati motorcycle located at the hotel (there will always be one more motorcycle than riders booked!)

* On site motorcycle guide/driver for anyone wanting escorted rides

* On site hire car with two days of dedicated use per family/rider (additional days 150 euro per day)

* On site van for evening transport of families to/from restaurants (10 euro 'taxi' fee applies)

* Transfer back to airport

* Optional day excursions including (subject to availability):

Guided trips to various locations with a driver (van based -50 euro per person per day)
* Quad trips (150 euro for a half day - up to 2 people)

* Enduro ride (250 euro for a day)

* Horse riding (price TBC)

We can also organise mountain bikes to be at the hotel (child & adult - prices TBC)

So you can ride as many days as you want, often on a different, spend a day by the pool, partake in an adventure activity or have a family day out; all for a rock bottom price! - prices starting at 2100 euro - click here for details

If you are interested in a personalised trip, extensions (or shortening) of any of the tours as described on the site or have a possible group booking to make, email us at ducatitours@gmail.com with your requirements and we will always do our best to provide for your particular holiday needs.

Email your suggestion to ducatitours@gmail.com or Redbiketours@gmail.com

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