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1198 versus Lamborghini Gallardo 

Yes its fast - yes its cool but is it worth the outlay? Torque is huge and acceleration instant. Brakes and grip are phenomenal but traffic just keeps on getting in the way. Unless you want to be quickly arrested for antisocial behavior you just cannot hustle a car like this past over road users in the same way you can on the bike.

The power also runs out surprisingly quickly after (even a Ducati) rev range and the limiter is not so subtle......

Round a wet road you have the luxury of 4 wheels, lots of traction control and ABS but you still get the impression of teetering on the edge of grip - not an edge that you would want to fall over either!

Would I buy one - yes if money was no object - but I think a Ferrari will always be first on my list..........And for a quick fix in any situation - take the bike!

If you want to try a car like this as part of your Tuscan holiday, let us know and we will organise the rental!

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Multistrada 1200S - If you own a GS, KTM, V-Strom or Varadeo.......don't try this bike 

Our new Multistrada has arrived and a small blast around the countryside has been performed - all in the interests of science!

So what is it like?
As the title hints, this is a very impressive bike! The engine has loads of low end and middle range power (the top end is still out of bounds as we are running-in), the suspension works extremely well, the brakes are powerful and the seat is comfortable.

Compared to a GS.......think of a GS with proper suspension, some power, put some properly grippy tyres on and make it look like something other than an industrial accident and you get close to a Multistrada 1200!

Any gripes?

The ABS cuts in too early on dry roads, worryingly so when riding it like a 1198S......perhaps not the intended method of riding for a bike like this, but unlike its 'competition' a way of riding that is easy to do. And the centrestand touches down on left handers a little too easily.

The electronics?
It took a minute or two to figure the configuration controls out but (at least when brand new) it all works really well. The difference between "150 High" and "150 Low" power settings don't seem particularly noticeable, and the soft "100 hp" option still lifts the front wheel off the throttle in first.....

How is it compared to the old Multistrada?
Improved in every sense. It looks better, its more comfortable, the engine is much more powerful and the brakes (without ABS) work better. It is an inch or so higher in the saddle (a little too tall for me in fact) and there is the issue with the centrestand - but at least it has one!

As I say above, if you own a GS or similar and don't want to feel like you have bought a turkey........don't ride this bike!

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Fleet Update - Ride through World Superbike History 

Come and ride the bikes that ARE the story of Ducati's domination of the World Superbike Championship

For 2010 we are able to offer a collection of bikes that span the last 20 years of milestone sport bikes from Borgo Panigale. In a week you can sample the rare & raw 888 SP5 from 1993, the mid 90s 900 Supersport, the pinnacle of the 916/996/998 range - an immaculate 996SPS, the Avante Garde 999S, the mighty 1098S, 1198S and the road equivalent of Troy Bayliss' winning 1098R

Come ride in the wheel tracks of Roche, Polen, Fogarty, Corser, Hodgson, Toseland & Bayliss!

This is the only place in the world you can do this!!!

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New tour of Sicily Itinerary added to calendar 

We have added a new itinerary in conjunction with JP Bari (formerly Dynamic Ducati Driving) and with support from Desmo Rosso, the wine for the discerning Ducatisti, to end the season with a bang down in Sicily. Come and sample the tastes, sights, history and amazing riding this famous island has to offer!

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Dynamic Ducati Driving ceases to run tours! 
For 2010 Paolo Bari of Dynamic Ducati Driving has decided to stop his tour business with Ducati. Paolo has asked us to take over his clients, which we are more than happy to do. If anyone had been interested in the DDD tours, please contact Joe with you requirements and he will find the tour that best suits your needs.

Apart from stopping his tours, Paolo will be collaborating with us on some new itineraries and incentives to make sure we can deliver the best Ducati riding products to you.

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