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2008 Fleet announced by Ducatitours 
Ducatitours have published details of our 2008 tour/rental fleet. Please follow the link below for details

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Fleet expansion 
We have added a couple of new bikes to the Ducatitours' fleet:

The 1098 could not be resisted any more. An incredible bike and a definite step forward in braking, steering and engine performance. Due to the value clients are only able to use the 1098 on a full "repair what you break" basis (i.e. no upper limit of cost - subject to the price of the bike) and only returning clients will be allocated the 1098.

The Sportclassic Sport offers a mix of style and practicality while still providing a level of performance and handling as you would expect from Ducati

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Ducatitours and Rapid Training 
We are pleased to announce a link up of services during Septembers DFM tour. Ducatitours has organised an advanced trainer from Rapid Training (www.rapidtraining.co.uk) to participate on the tour and to provide an adapted version of their one day course.

We hope to be able to offer these courses as a regular feature during 2008. Please let us know via email to info@ducatitours.com if you would be interested in having a course such as this during your tour.

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Weddings with Ducatitours! 
Congratulations to Sergio & Kari who spent a week riding our Ducatis, partying at the WDW and one special evening declaring their love on a 999!

Our best wishes for the future!!!!!!

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Well Done Bayliss - Misano 
We try and organise everything for our clients but a little help from our friends is always good. A double victory at SBK Misano rounded off a great tour - thanks to the Xerox team and our clients!

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